Sertai Komuniti "Mat Periuk"

Monday, March 26, 2007


Sweet Success! The longest 'kuih ketayap' in Malaysia has entered the Malaysia Book Of Record on the 10 March 2007. Thanks a million to all my student of Diploma in Chef Training - UiTM Penang and the chefs of course. Every single kuih ketayap from 3,600 pieces that we manage to put together means a lot to this project.I'm proud of you guys!362.8 meter! WOW!

"JEMPUT MAKAN" - RTM1, 10.30 am, Every Friday

Watch new concept of cooking program on TV1 - every Friday at 10.30 am. For the first time in Malaysia a talk show combine with cooking program. New concept, new style and new idea. Hosted by fun and energetic actress Syarifah Shahirah and me-chef kamarul!